Who We Are

OneLink Solution is a client focused team. We strive for the utmost sophistication in our work. Our Onelink founder set out to build a super team of peeps that together would create a perfect harmony of marketing professionals. Driven, talented, focused and reliable, every member of Onelink is dedicated to the details of all of our client’s individual requests. Our goal is to build dependable and trustworthy relationships. We make use innovative ideas, well rounded approaches and research based decisions.

Our Team

Michael Mortorano  Founder


“Dream Big! Success is designed by dreamers like me. That and a little hard work goes a long way…”

Katie PorterChief Branding and Marketing Specialist, Founder

Understanding a brand is not about what we like. Its about getting into the heart of the client and making their dream tangible.

Saharair KabirLead Developer

Working hard is everything. It is essential in building long term relationships with any client.

Careen AlicawayContent Manager

At the completion of any project, it is essential to me that I know they received 100% quality and honesty every step of the way.

Basharul Alam SunnyLogo Designer

I thrive during the creative process of my work. Through innovative expression, I show my passion and vision in creative arts.

Fozila KhatunSocial Media Manager

You must have dedication and determination. It takes patience and perseverance to achieve long term success.

Shankar NatarajanSenior SEO Specialist

One can not achieve victory overnight. Long term planning takes time and unique creation to outdo your competition.

Andrey FidryaArticle Writer

Unique thought is not a guessing game. It takes research and not settling for anything less than the best.

Bettina Valerie DavidArticle Writer

Knowing what to write is not about past tense. It’s about being ahead of the game. Always in the future.

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