Radio advertising is commonly used by advertisers because it reaches a wider range of audience, making it necessary for advertisers to set a budget for this purpose. The budget includes copywriting, marketing strategy, voice talent and sound editing, if any. About 7% of the total media exposure is estimated to be heard through a radio. The Radio Act of 1927 created the Federal Radio Commission (FRC) to regulate all radio commercials and made rules that advertisers should follow.


What Determine Radio Advertising Costs?


  • The Number of Listeners. A radio station’s number of listeners is a big factor in determining the advertising costs on radio. It is normally more expensive to run an ad on a station that has a huge number of followers than on a station with a few listeners. It would also be ideal to place an advertisement on a station that caters to your target market. The  number of listeners are not the only gauge. Advertising on a station with a few listeners who are interested in your product is better than putting an ad on a station with plenty of listeners but do not belong to your target market.


  • The Length of the Radio Commercial.  A standard radio commercial runs for 30 seconds. A radio advertisement that is one-third of this duration or runs for only 10 seconds may cost only half of the 30-second ad. If you want to advertise on the radio, it is recommended to get an estimate time or duration of the entire advertisement, so you can get an exact price estimate.


  • The Length of the Ad Impacts Radio Advertising Costs. Radio commercials that are aired early in the morning and in the late afternoon are popular. This is because people are awake, getting ready for work or are already commuting to work during the early morning hours, and others are coming home from work in the late afternoon hours. Advertising on these hours is expensive because of the big number of listeners. You can get help on this concern from a radio marketing group — whether the additional cost to reach a bigger group of people is worth it. If not, you can choose a different time slot.
    • Radio The Location. The area of the country where you want to put your ad also determines radio advertising costs. For instance, a 30-second radio advertisement in New York may cost you $1,405  but may only cost you $94 in Las Vegas.


    Radio advertising costs are not only affected by the above factors. There are still other factors that contribute to its costs, andall of these should be taken in consideration, as these can also impact the effectiveness of your whole marketing campaign.

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