Choosing the right sign for your business does not only consist of creating an enticing logo arrangement with a catchword or slogan. It should also contain other elements, such as visibility, obliquity, demographics as well as marketing. It must be easily seen, read and more importantly, easy to understand. A wrong sign design can make one to lose interest, resulting in turning prospective customers away.


Things to Consider when Choosing a Business Sign Design


How do you go about choosing your business sign? Here are a few things to look into when creating your signage.


  • Make your sign design visible and readable.Passersby should be able to see and read your sign easily. Different kinds of people walk past your shop or building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make your message clear, so they will understand it better.


  • It should be attention-grabbing.Passersby should be attracted to your sign. Your signage should be eye-catching, rousing your prospects to have a second look, making them to stop and check your shop.


  • Be direct by simplifying your message. Avoid being too wordy or putting too many words. The fewer words the better, as it can be easily read and remembered as such.


  • Make use of modern technologies. Employ an Electronic Variable Message Center or adding time and temperature to your signage, making it a community landmark. With the electronic message center, you can easily change the message on your sign when you so desire.


  • It should attract impulsive buyers. Retail sales comprise about 55% impulse purchase. Thus, an enticing signage will encourage passersby to check your shop and make a purchase.


  • It should be within the visibility line. The sign design must be placed near the street as specified by the law.


  • Avoid distractions or obstacles. Your sign must be viewed clearly with no distractions like tree branches, or other signages bigger than your sign.


  • Your message should be brilliant, making people to remember it instantly. The use of catchwords and pictures will leave an indelible mark in the mind of thepassersby.


  • Don’t overcrowd your sign. Too many items in the sign are confusing, making people to misunderstand your message. Balance is essential in designing your signage.


  • Your business sign should create a good first impression. A wrong sign will not help your business to compete even if your product or service is good. A signage that cannot make people stop, take a second look and encourage them to check your product or service is definitely a failure.


A good and effective signage should be balanced, well-proportioned, with the appropriate color combination and attractively drawn. It should be an enticing sight in the area, attracting people to enjoy looking at it. Choosing a sign for your business can be made easier if you assign it to a professional design team like Onelink Solution. This design firm has qualified and experienced designers who know the techniques of getting customers’ attention and know how to encourage customers to make a purchase. Outsourcing your business sign design is practical in today’s highly media-hype and competitive world.

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