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OneLink Solution is THE destination for complete marketing and design services. Give us a simple description of your company, we do the rest. We start with color pallet selection, typography and icon design to develop your logo. Already have a brand, that's great! We can build upon any foundation. We can further develop your existing brand or start fresh. We use components such as website design, print materials, SEO, SMM and quality site content to produce an optimal outcome. Before you know it you will be increasing your site rank and have a consumer recognized brand. We help to let your customers know you mean business!

Our Advantages

OneLink Solution has a team of creative and skilled web designers that can Craft visually stunning memorable experiences for web and interfaces.

Marketing is the most important factor for business success. Onelink Solution has a less expensive but powerful and effective marketing strategy for you to dramatically increase your customer.

Onlink Solution understands that every second is important for your online business. Server Monitor and Management team will make 24/7 connection between your customers and website.


The experts of OneLink Solution built my website and gave it the online presence and visibility I was looking for.

Brendan Clohisey CEO
Thanks for your continued help and support to our foundation’s marketing.
Ed and Allison LucasFoundation Founders
I was thrilled to see my web vision become a reality. Thanks Onelink!
Robert MortoranoEntrepreneur
The industry is complicated. Onelink took the time to research and understand the background so the brand was spot on.
Kevin CarlinOwner
Onelink Solution have increased our online customers by over 500% since we started our SEO & SMM campaign
Chris KesslerEntrepreneur

“Passion, dedication and a lot of coffee.
We Never Stop Until the Job is Done”

Who We Are

OneLink Solution is a client focused team. We strive for the utmost sophistication in our work. Our Onelink founder set out to build a super team of peeps that together would create a perfect harmony of marketing professionals.

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Michael MortoranoFounder

"Dream Big! Success is designed by dreamers like me. That and a little hard work goes a long way..."

Katie PorterChief Branding and Marketing Specialist

"Understanding a brand is not about what we like. Its about getting into the heart of the client and making their dream tangible."

Saharair KabirLead Developer

"To me, working hard is everything. It is essential in building long term relationships with any client"

Careen AlicawayContent Manager

"At the completion of any project, it is essential to me that I know they received 100% quality and honesty every step of the way."

Basharul Alam SunnyGraphic Design

"I thrive during the creative process of my work. Through innovative expression, I show my passion and vision in creative arts."

Aminur RahmanSEO & SMM

"You must have dedication and determination. It takes patience and perseverance to achieve long term success."

Shankar NatarajanSEO & SMM

"One can not achieve victory overnight. Long term planning takes time and unique creation to outdo your competition."

Andrey FidryaArticle Writer

"Unique thought is not a guessing game. It takes research and not settling for anything less than the best."

“We're Obsessed with Details.
We don't Stop Until the Work is Just Right”

What we do

OneLink Solution is your destination for complete marketing services. We know the marketing and branding process can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start. We work with you to take your company’s personality and turn it into a brand everyone will recognize.

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Brand Development

Having a brand that is recognizable to your customers is vital for businesses today. Branding helps you communicate who you are using visual and verbal tools that effectively reach your audience proving it to be a most valuable and distinct asset in the market.

Web Design& Development

Web design and development can range from a simple to complex. Websites allow you to visually communicate and gain exposure. Whether used for generating new business or for wedding announcements, websites can be used for almost anything. The key is having one that blows your audience away!


Websites, Branding and Print can be used in combination for sales to promote a company. In addition to these, one of the most effective ways to reach audiences today is using web tactics including Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. Having a well-rounded effective marketing campaign can be pivotal to the success of any company!

"We're obsessed with details. We believe communication and organization are
critical in achieving the perfect outcome"

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155 Park Ave
Suite 202
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

E-mail: info@onelinksolution.com

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